Increase In Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

Recent studies showed, however, that overuse of antibiotics in aquaculture and livestock production to treat diseases and promote growth is causing the population of antibiotic-resistant bacteria to quickly rise and spread throughout the food chain. Read the article from Mogul here.

U.S. Demand Is Driving Indoor Shrimp Production

Offshore shrimp farming is no longer a viable or sustainable option for harvesting the popular seafood, due to water pollution, global warming, increasing costs and decreasing yields Read the article from Hubpages here.

Patent Pending Vibrio Suppression Technology

The global demand for shrimp has never been higher. According to the Quebec Daily Examiner, it is currently the most popular seafood in the world with tuna and crab trailing behind in second and third place. Read the article from here. 

The Global Shrimp Market Is Huge

Global shrimp consumption is on the rise. The current market is pegged at almost $40 billion, and in the next ten years, it is expected to reach $68 billion as discussed in the Keeping Stock article located here. 

Market Mavins Company Publishes Second NaturalShrimp Video Interview

Click here to view the second of a series of video interviews with William Delgado, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer of the NaturalShrimp Company.

More US Senators push for shrimp to be added to SIMP

A bipartisan group of 11 U.S. Senators have signed on to a plan that would require the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to add shrimp to the Seafood Import Monitoring Program. The article provided by can be found here.

Thailand Suspends Imports of Indian Shrimp

Thailand has announced a complete ban on shrimp imports from India over concerns about the spread of a highly contagious disease affecting vannamei shrimp, the Business Standard of India reported.   In another setback for Indian seafood exporters, Thailand, an emerging market for Indian shrimp products, has gone for a temporary suspension of import of […]

NaturalShrimp Executives To Attend The 2017 International Production & Processing Expo

Gerald Easterling (Co-Founder and President of NaturalShrimp) and Bill Delgado (Treasurer) will be attending the 2017 International Production & Processing Expo in Atlanta, GA on February 1st and 2nd. The 2017 International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) will bring together more than 1,200 exhibitors and 30,000 visitors in Atlanta, Ga. USA from Jan. 31- Feb. […]

Shrimp import refusals spike over antibiotics

FDA blames antibiotics for shrimp import refusals

Seafood sellers in China caught scavenging shrimp from sewers to sell

By Elizabeth Licata Published July 01, 2016 Consumers often put a lot of trust in the people who produce, distribute, and sell food. At any step along the way, someone could try to cut corners to save some money, and we’d probably never know. This week. Internet users in China were horrified to see photographic […]