Microbiologic Environment

Historically, efforts to raise shrimp in a high-density, closed system at the commercial level have met with either modest success or outright failure. Infectious agents such as parasites, bacteria and viruses are the most damaging and most difficult to control. Bacterial infection can in some cases be combated through the use of antibiotics (although not always), and in general the use of antibiotics is considered undesirable and counter to “green” cultivation practices. Viruses can be even worse in that they are immune to antibiotics, and once introduced to a shrimp population viruses can wipe out entire farms and shrimp populations.

NaturalShrimp’s primary weapon against infectious agents is its “biofloc” technology, which entails seeding the shrimp feed with certain non-damaging bacteria. The Bio-Floc infused feed effectively combats both viral and bacterial infection without the use of antibiotics or unhealthy anti-microbial chemicals. This “pro-biotic” technology causes helpful bacteria to become resistant and in fact dominant in key microbiological ecosystems within the shrimp’s gut, which is the typical target of infectious agents. These “friendly” populations of bacteria defend against damaging bacteria, viruses, and other parasites (such as amoebae) thereby protecting each shrimp from inception to harvest.