NaturalShrimp is a global shrimp farming company that has developed a technology to produce fresh, gourmet-grade shrimp reliably and economically in an indoor, re-circulating, saltwater facility. Our eco-friendly, bio-secure design does not rely on ocean water. It recreates the natural ocean environment allowing for high-density production which can be replicated anywhere in the world.


The Company was founded by Gerald Easterling, Bill G. Williams and Tom Untermeyer in 2001. Mr. Williams serves as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Easterling serves as President and Mr. Untermeyer serves as Chief Technology Officer of the Company. Mr. Easterling also serves as Director of the Company and, in such capacity, along with the other board members and officers of the Company controls the operations, business, and affairs of the Company.


Since its inception in 2001, NaturalShrimp has developed several proprietary technology assets that position the Company at the forefront of the global aquaculture industry. These “Trade Secret” assets include a knowledge base that allows the Company to produce commercial quantities of shrimp in a closed system and our computer monitoring system that automates monitors and maintains proper levels of oxygen, salinity and temperature for optimal shrimp production.


NaturalShrimp is a public Agro-Tech company located near San Antonio, Texas. NaturalShrimp has developed and tested the first commercially-viable system for growing shrimp indoors and is currently raising capital for expansion. This system uses proprietary technology to reliably produce a healthy, naturally-grown shrimp “crop” weekly, and accomplishes this without the use of antibiotics or toxic chemicals. For investment information please (click here).