NaturalShrimp Holdings, Inc. owns one hundred percent of NaturalShrimp Corporation, formed to operate in the U.S. & Canada and one hundred percent of NaturalShrimp Global, Inc., formed to create International Joint Venture Partnerships. Each entity will use the Company’s proprietary technology to penetrate shrimp markets throughout the world utilizing existing food service distribution channels.

NaturalShrimp Global, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of NaturalShrimp Holdings, Inc., is shareholder of NaturalShrimp International AS. NaturalShrimp International AS owns the exclusive rights to use the NaturalShrimp technology to grow and sell shrimp in all countries in Europe, Russia, Asia, and the Middle East. The first subsidiary, formed in Spain, is GambaNatural de España, S.L.

The land for the first facility has been purchased in Medina del Campo, Spain and construction of the 75,000 sq. ft. facility should be completed by early 2014. Medina del Campo is approximately seventy-five miles northwest of Madrid, Spain. In addition, GambaNatural has signed a distribution agreement with Izamar, S.A., located in San Sebastian de los Reyes, a suburb of Madrid. Izamar currently distributes live crabs and lobsters to over 300 customers around Madrid. In addition, Izamar has a booth license at the Mercamadrid, which is the second largest seafood market in the world. Izamar also owns two high-end seafood restaurants and one specialty seafood market.

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