Facility Layout

NaturalShrimp’s state-of-the-art production facilities will employ a shrimp grow-out process that is projected to produce 6,000 pounds of fresh shrimp each week once it reaches full production. In Europe, just outside of Madrid, Spain, the Company’s joint venture partner has begun initial operations of our first facility designed for full production. As NaturalShrimp expands facilities worldwide, this advanced design will be the cornerstone of our shrimp growing process.

The NaturalShrimp Production System will be designed to produce shrimp at a harvest size of eighteen to twenty-two, head-on shrimp per pound in a period of 24 weeks or less. The Company currently purchases post-larva shrimp that are approximately ten days old (PL 10). NaturalShrimp is developing its own hatcheries and broodstock to control the supply and quality of PLs to each of its facilities. Each production system will be designed to produce fresh shrimp fifty-two weeks per year.

The Company also has developed production methods that minimize the transferring of shrimp from tank to tank, thereby reducing mortality rates and labor costs. The environmentally-controlled building and automated tank systems will allow for fresh, naturally grown, year-round shrimp production. The number and size of the tanks will be designed to produce a weekly harvest that can be delivered to local markets from facilities located anywhere in the world.

The diagram above shows the layout of the Company’s first international production facility located in Medina del Campo, Spain that will serve as a blueprint for each additional NaturalShrimp production facility.