Enclosed System

Enclosed System: Locate Anywhere – Close to Markets
NaturalShrimp has spent many years developing and commercializing a technology that will reliably produce a weekly crop of premium quality shrimp using a high degree of automation within an indoor environment. This proprietary production method minimizes labor costs, is completely eco-friendly and can produce fresh, gourmet grade shrimp in a high density environment on a commercial level anywhere in the world. The comprehensiveness, versatility and reliability of our control systems set us apart and make us the technology leader of the shrimp industry.
Vibrio Suppression Technology
Historically, efforts to raise shrimp in a high-density, closed system at the commercial level have met with either modest success or outright failure through “BioFloc Technology”. Infectious agents such as parasites, bacteria and viruses are the most damaging and most difficult to control. Bacterial infection can in some cases be combated through the use of antibiotics (although not always), and in general the use of antibiotics is considered undesirable and counter to “green” cultivation practices. Viruses can be even worse in that they are immune to antibiotics, and once introduced to a shrimp population viruses can wipe out entire farms and shrimp populations, even with intense probiotic applications.

NaturalShrimp’s primary weapon against infectious agents is its “Vibrio Suppression Technology”. This new innovative system creates higher sustainable densities, consistent production, improved growth and survival rates and improved food conversion without the use of antibiotics, probiotics or unhealthy anti-microbial chemicals. VST (Vibrio Suppression Technology) helps to exclude and suppress harmful organisms that usually destroy “BioFloc” and other enclosed technologies.

Automated Monitoring and Control system
The NaturalShrimp Automated Monitoring and Control system will use individual tank monitors as shown in the photograph to automatically control the feeding, the oxygenation, and the temperature of each of the facility tanks independently. In addition, a facility computer running custom software will communicate with each of the controllers and performs additional data acquisition functions that can report back to a supervisory computer from anywhere in the world. These computer automated water controls optimize the growing conditions for the shrimp as they mature to harvest size providing a disease-resistant production environment.