Our Shrimp

You’ve simply never experienced shrimp like ours. NaturalShrimp is the exclusive brand of shrimp harvested in the pristine, high-tech farms built by NaturalShrimp. We have invested millions of dollars and over a decade researching and developing the very best environment in which to create the most delicious, fresh, all-natural shrimp. NaturalShrimp raises saltwater shrimp that are free of pollutants, disease and chemicals. Our high-tech, environmentally-friendly facilities recreate a clean, pure ocean habitat. The result? Nothing but pure, natural, fresh shrimp.

How fresh is fresh?

Our shrimp will be delivered within hours of harvesting so you can get that fresh tasting shrimp you crave year ‘round. And when we say our shrimp is sushi-grade fresh, we aren’t kidding. We carefully monitor the entire harvesting process so our shrimp is never more than a few days old. You can literally enjoy our shrimp just days after we harvest it. Compare NaturalShrimp to the frozen kind you find in your grocery store. Most shrimp, even “Gulf” shrimp, is actually farmed in southeast Asia. By the time it reaches your grocery store, it has traversed halfway around the world frozen in ice. In fact much of the shrimp you’ll find is well over a month old before it even arrives in your local market. That’s no way to enjoy “fresh” shrimp.

Once you try our sushi-grade, all-natural shrimp we believe you’ll never settle for anything less. Just ask Michael Scott, named 2000 and 2007 Chef of the Year by the Dallas Chapter of Texas Chefs Association. He has proudly served NaturalShrimp in many of his favorite dishes and insisted on it for the “Iron Chef” competition he coordinated in the Dallas area.

“I rank this shrimp up there with sushi-grade Japanese sweet shrimp; it’s that pure,” he said. “It’s the best domestic, all-natural shrimp I have ever tasted. The first time I tried it, I popped the head off and ate it raw. There was nothing impeding its delicate, buttery, distinctive flavor.”

Natural Shrimp has been served at these Dallas area locations: