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About Our Company

Who We Are

NaturalShrimp, Inc. (OTCQB: SHMP) a publicly traded aqua-tech company, has developed patented proprietary technology to produce fresh, gourmet-grade shrimp without the use of antibiotics, probiotics or toxic chemicals.

NSI will develop fully contained and independent production facilities to raise Pacific white shrimp in an ecologically controlled, high-density, low cost environment in geographically strategic, high-density, metropolitan areas. NSI uses Vibrio Suppression Technology, a solution against infectious agents that helps to exclude and suppress harmful organisms, significantly better than competing BioFloc technology. The Company’s expansion plans include both domestic and international production facilities and distribution channels.

Company Timeline

Our History


Proof of Concept – Raised shrimp indoors in a 200-gallon recirculating system using algae and artemia as feed for the shrimp.


Prototype - Moved to a warehouse in San Antonio to construct, test, and evaluate raising shrimp in a larger system. Received U.S. patent using algae and artemia as feed for the shrimp.


Pilot Plant – Warehouse testing was successful but determined that the system required too much algae and artemia to be commercially cost effective. Acquired 37 acres in La Coste, TX and constructed a greenhouse and a 30,000 square foot metal building with lined tanks and filtration equipment to evaluate using dry shrimp feed instead of algae and artemia on a commercial scale.


Filtration method research – Spent these years trying the traditional methods of filtration including biofloc and bioreactors. Began construction of 70,000 square foot joint venture biofloc building in Spain. Raised and sold tens of thousands of pounds of shrimp but could not achieve consistent production in high densities.


Research – Evaluated the use of electrocoagulation technology to assist filtration for aquaculture. It demonstrated the ability to control both ammonia and bacteria which resulted in much better growth and survival but the equipment needed refinement.


Development – Evaluated a clearwater system using refined electrocoagulation equipment that once again proved successful in maintaining water quality and great shrimp survival but the equipment required further refinements.


Electrocoagulation Production – Using an improved electrocoagulation system proved successful again throughout the shrimp grow out period. Received U.S patent for using electrocoagulation for shrimp extended to include other aquatic species.


Pilot Plant Renovation – Replaced lined tanks with fiberglass tanks and acquired additional electrocoagulation systems.


Regular Production – Began shrimp production in a new production facility in La Coste, TX.


Expansion – Began shrimp production in a newly acquired aquaculture facility in Iowa.


Shrimp Distribution Channels - Developed agreements with U.S. Foods and launches on-line ordering


Sales and Marketing - Established live market customers through sales in Chicago and San Antonio