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Our Facility

NaturalShrimp Pilot Plant

Located outside of San Antonio, TX on 37 acres

NaturalShrimp is replacing the 33,000 square foot Pilot Plant building shown above that was destroyed by fire in March of 2020 with a new 40,000 square foot shrimp production facility that when completed should produce at least 3,000 pounds of shrimp per week for sale to the local market. A photo rendering of the new shrimp production facility layout is shown below.

It will contain twenty 2,000-gallon nursery tanks, forty 20,000-gallon growout tanks, two 10,000-gallon settling tanks, and one 20,000-gallon harvest tank for a total tank volume capacity of 880,000 gallons.

In addition, NaturalShrimp has converted an existing 8,000 square foot structure as shown below to serve as a water treatment plant for the new shrimp production facility.


The NaturalShrimp Production System will be designed to produce shrimp at a harvest size of eighteen to twenty-two, head-on shrimp per pound in a period of 24 weeks or less. NaturalShrimp currently purchases post-larval shrimp that are approximately ten days old (PL 10). However, NaturalShrimp is working to develop its own hatchery and genetic program to maximize growth and to control the supply and quality of PLs to each of its facilities. Each production system will be designed to produce fresh shrimp fifty-two weeks per year.