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Our Facility

NaturalShrimp Pilot Plant

Located outside of San Antonio, TX

The 33,000 square foot NaturalShrimp Pilot Plant building shown is located outside of San Antonio on 37 acres of land which will allow plenty of property for future expansion for construction of additional full-scale production facilities.

NaturalShrimp plans to construct another production facility next to the Pilot Plant that will serve as the model for worldwide deployment that is projected to produce 6,000 pounds of shrimp each week. After completion of the model, NaturalShrimp would then extend the proven design to other major metropolitan areas in the United States perhaps utilizing already existing warehouse space at those locations.

NaturalShrimp is conducting a major renovation project to convert the Pilot Plant from a research and development facility to a shrimp production facility. This not only required procuring additional Electrocoagulation and filtration equipment but also required replacing older lined tanks with new fiberglass tanks. When completed, the renovated facility will contain 4 nursery tanks and 40 growout tanks with a total facility capacity of over 600,000 gallons. The multiple tanks could allow NaturalShrimp to harvest shrimp more than once per week if needed.

When completed, the Pilot Plant is expected to produce 6,000 pounds of fresh shrimp per month. After the model production facility becomes operational and producing shrimp for the market, NaturalShrimp can utilize part of the Pilot Plant to assist with continuous improvement trials including possibly the testing of other aquatic species besides shrimp.

The NaturalShrimp Production System will be designed to produce shrimp at a harvest size of eighteen to twenty-two, head-on shrimp per pound in a period of 24 weeks or less. NaturalShrimp currently purchases post-larval shrimp that are approximately ten days old (PL 10). However, NaturalShrimp is working to develop its own hatchery and genetic program to maximize growth and to control the supply and quality of PLs to each of its facilities. Each production system will be designed to produce fresh shrimp fifty-two weeks per year.