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Fresh Seafood Technology

Fresh Water Shrimp Technology

Natural Aquatic Systems, a NaturalShrimp majority company, is the commercialization partner for two new disruptive aquaculture technologies which are now being introduced into global markets. Hydrogas™ and RLS™ are next-generation, universal reducing agents that eliminate the industrial and biological problems caused by oxidation. If it oxidizes, corrodes, rots, stinks, demands oxygen, creates ammonia, needs electrons, or has contaminates that require flocculation and reduction into non-toxic elements, Hydrogas™ and RLS™ can fix the problem better/faster/cheaper/safer than any other method or technology.

Oxidation (in all of its forms) causes hundreds of billions of dollars worth of damage across every conceivable industry and organization. It is literally everywhere. As universal reducing agents that are capable of stopping oxidation in its tracks, Hydrogas™ and RLS™ will soon be considered indispensable in the world’s largest and most profitable industries.

Our solutions combine various derivative formulas of Hydrogas™, RLS™ and other super antioxidants, and deliver them to the designated target chemical species that need to be protected (which may be solids, liquids, gases, or organisms) by means of proprietary compositions and/or proprietary mechanical and electro-mechanical controls that we design and engineer. We have both exclusive distribution rights in aquaculture to the two technologies.

Unlike other electrolyzed gases or liquid silicates, Hydrogas™ and RLS™ are next generation formulations that exhibit unique and superior reducing properties. Through the combination of their many derivative formulas, we can solve a wide variety of billion dollar problems, including corrosion, rust, low oxygenation, deficient ORP, ammonia, sour gas, high acidity, oil separation, salt and PCB contamination, bacterial growth, toxic wastewater, carbon emissions, low alkalinity, inhibited apoptosis, venomous enzymes, putrefaction, and more. They simply prevent or eliminate oxidation. Hydrogas™ and RLS™ are non-toxic, non-caustic, easy to scale, and cost effective, so we can easily and cheaply solve high volume problems without risking injury or environmental contamination.

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Treatment Overview

RLS is a silicon-based alkaline, non-toxic, non-caustic solution with a pH of 13.7. Its elemental and chemical properties give it unique reducing, electrochemical and structural characteristics.

These health promoting properties appear to be directly related to the way it regulates redox processes of biological molecules and the effects on different free radical species of oxygen and nitrogen. Changes in redox status effect changes in feed assimilation, immunological response and overall oxidative stress of animals.

University in-vivo testing of the RLS revealed the Following:

  • Reduction of oxidative stress
  • Increase of Superoxide Dismutase (SOD)
  • Increase of Catalase
  • Increase of Glutathione Content
  • Bactericide and fungicide properties
  • Residual effect when combined with Hydrogas
Photo of lab testingi

Studies on Treatment Highlights

Studies on Treatment
  • Increased nitric oxide dependent anti-viral effects at all concentrations tested
  • Inhibited enzymes important in viral assembly, metabolism and replication
  • Caused changes in the viral carbohydrate composition and metabolism
  • Inhibited the activity of the enzyme responsible for transcribing RNA to DNA in the virus and the effects were dose dependent

Our team can assess variables and multiple in vivo, in vitro or in cetro environments within an industry and efficiently introduce the proper methodologies for assessing pilot efficacy and eventual commercialization.