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Natural Aquatic Systems

Natural Aquatic Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of NSI formed to address the growing requirement for our indoor shrimp farming capabilities for all aquatic species. The United States is a minor aquaculture producer but is the leading global importer of aquatic protein. By value, nearly 90 percent of the seafood we eat comes from abroad, over half of it from aquaculture. These overseas companies are government subsidized, have low labor costs, and a reduced regulatory oversight. Because of these low-cost imports, the U.S. seafood trade deficit continues to grow. That ideal solution for the US market is an offering that is environmentally sustainable, food safe, can be located anywhere, and is not hindered by existing super intensive production technologies and razor thin margins.

The international aquaculture industry is growing annually. The finfish industry is one of the most developed out of all these industries and are generally adopters of new innovation and cutting-edge technologies. Smart farming platforms, automation of farming e.g., centralized feed systems, and new “clean” treatments for wastewater and culture water are growth areas for new technology. The finfish industry, is predominantly using sea cage culture, with a present movement to RAS (recirculation aquaculture systems) for smolt and post smolt production. Natural Aquatic Systems was a company created with the vision of sustainable solutions for all aquatic species offering an alternative to sea cages with biologically controlled, antibiotic and chemically free sustainable water system.

The focus of Natural Aquatic Systems will be consideration for warm water finfish and crustaceans e.g., salmon, barramundi, abalone, trout, and yellowtail kingfish. We are approaching this industry in three parallel phases that include testing, pilot, and commercial.

  • Proof of Concept Academic Studies and Benchmark Testing

    1. Proof of concept for water treatment for salmonid pathogens including Vibrio spp, Aeronomas salmonicida, Tenacibaculum, Neo-paramoeba perurans, Infectious pancreatic necrosis virus (IPNv), infectious salmon anaemia virus (ISAv), freshwater mixed bacteria, Saprolegnia spp. (fungus)
      • Pathogens that have been chosen are saltwater infectious agents, due to the availability
      • Freshwater mixed bacteria and saprolegnia are pending on availability of cultures
      • Pathogens are tested with a onetime dose of hydrogas, to reduce the ORP to -200mV
      • Cultures over 24 hours and observations on the effects on the pathogens
      • These have been used as tests for disinfectant chemicals – similar protocols are followed
  • Dose-range Pilots and Trials

    1. Dose range trials to determine minimum effective dosage and retention time for the pathogens, using the hydrogas (output = appropriate hydrogas dosage and ORP readings)
      • A selection of pathogens will be used, and a range of dosages from -200mV and up
      • Single dosage and continuous dosage for nominated periods
    2. Determine the effects of hydrogas on fish:
      • Dosages of hydrogas on saltwater and brackish water culture of salmon
      • Acute toxicity and chronic toxicity trials
    3. Challenge trials:
      • Amoeba challenge trials and treatment dosages for fish which would be applicable to well boat treatments, for amo-biasis (currently using freshwater or peroxide in commercial systems)
  • Pilot to Commercial Systems

    1. Recirculation aquaculture trials:
      • In parallel, systems will be set up with a minimum of two replicates with conventional biofloc, conventional biofloc + hydrogas, and no biofloc + hydrogas + electrocoagulation
      • These trials will evaluate the performance of fish and systems to include: growth, feed conversion ratios, production cycle time, maximum stocking densities, water quality parameters, microbiome studies (to see how the technologies affect bacteria in systems)

Natural Aquatic Systems – Pilot to Commercial Program

Natural Aquatic Systems has designed and released for aquaculture pilot studies a new MicroReactor with our latest capabilities on location anywhere in the world. All of our JV partners will have access to these for pilots and laboratory testing immediately.

System specifications:

  • 75LPH Production
  • 50GPM Treatment Flow-Rate
  • 15 Hour Runtime
  • 10 day lead time
  • Price is dependent on JV structure and the quantity ordered
  • Reactors remain property of JV as per agreement