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Bill G. Williams

Chairman Emeritus (in memorium)

Mr. Williams has served as Chairman and CEO of NaturalShrimp since its inception in 2001, recently resigned, and held the title of Chairman Emeritus until his death.

Formerly Chairman and CEO of Cafe Quick Enterprises, which uses a unique, patented air impingement technology to cook fresh and frozen food in vending machines. Licensed distribution in Western Europe and the United States to deliver fresh cooked food to hospital, and schools.

Mr. Williams has been involved in other ventures, specifically in the technology sector, serving as Chairman and CEO of Direct Wireless Communications, a state of the art wireless communications system for rural and third-world countries with technical associates from Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio.

Mr. Williams has also been a developer of several hundred single-family residential lots, and several hundred apartment units, and commercial property in Waco, Texas.

Associate of Arts Degree in Basic Sciences from San Antonio College; Post Graduate Studies in Philosophy from Baylor University.