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Redox Water Treatment

Electrocoagulation and electrolytic cells as an alternative to biofloc treatment in recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS)

Our water treatment products and services provide all natural, antibiotic, chemically free and more efficient and predictable alternatives to biofloc treatment in aquaculture water management. As opposed to standard absorbents and filtration, our water treatment systems use reaction chambers to generate billions of “redox” chlorine and hydrogen free sharing electrons instead of relying on bacteria to partially reduce nutrient levels in wastewater. In this negative oxidation reduction potential (ORP), the nutrients are destroyed through an electrocoagulation or electrolytic cell and then removed from the system completely through a secondary process. These nutrients are largely generated through shrimp feces and uneaten feed that pollutes the entire system.

Once our water treatment system comes online, we eliminate the need to store those contaminated bacterially saturated absorbents in stream. This anti-oxidative water treatment efficiency, consistency and predictability allows us to achieve higher product mass per cubic meter of water than standardized methods with up to a 98% zero liquid discharge (ZLD) with notably higher feed conversion rates. We have tried biofloc for over a decade, but have found it will never overcome its inherent limitation in ammonia reduction and nitrate control. It is, however, an industry standard treatment technology, to date, so it will take time to adapt to the absolute benefits of anti-oxidative water treatment processes over oxidative standard treatments in RAS. Until then we work parallel to biofloc until these water treatment efficiencies are slowly adopted for better aquaculture water chemistry and management.

Ask us about our pilot to commercial “try before you lease” pilot programs with a very small “in kind” early adopter contribution. You and your shrimp will know the difference. We are ready when you are to help you grow your business, as who doesn’t love fresh shrimp!