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Shareholder Letter

Dear Shareholders,

We are truly grateful to you for choosing NaturalShrimp as your provider of farm-to-table
sushi grade shrimp and fresh seafood. Speaking on behalf of the company, we hope
that you will enjoy the enhanced quality of our shrimp and all-natural products as much
as we did in raising them for you. After 23 years of dedication towards technical
advancements in land-based aquaculture, we will never stop striving to meet the highest
ethical standards and environmental sustainability in the raising of our products. Our
technologies are all natural, antibiotic, and chemically free with only nature’s basic
compounds as consumables.

Your unwavering grass root support and honest suggestions and feedback have helped
us shape our company and business model. We are excited about the prospects that lie
ahead. We remain committed to investing in our people, technology, and infrastructure
to fuel our growth and drive long-term value creation.

Again, thanks so much for choosing NaturalShrimp and letting us know how we are

We look forward to serving you fresh shrimp and seafood for many years to come.


Gerald Easterling