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What Makes Us Unique

Anti-Oxidation Water Chemistry vs. Oxidative Water Exchange Processes

Traditionally recirculating aquaculture system clarification and disinfection technologies have been based on oxidative technologies and processes. All of our technologies are actually based on anti-oxidative processes.

Our patented, patent pending and proprietary solutions and processes are based on achieving better water chemistry over the traditional water exchange and filtration methods for recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS). Most RAS solutions are dependent upon multiple filtration processes and ever increasing water flow to try and exchange water fast enough to control and remove vibrio, viruses, bacteria, diseases, nitrates, ammonia and influent characteristics contained within the system.

This methodology is costly and ineffective in large scale systems due to their inability to effectively remove these molecules completely or fast enough during the hatchery to grow out stages. Simply stated, if you have negatively affecting water conditions present or have introduced a pathogen or disease into your recirculating system, you must eliminate it at the source and process it out immediately.

Our process, using electrocoagulation and electrolytic cells, generates billions of free electrons, on demand to combat these infected cells targeted for removal. This process is almost instantaneous so you can’t process water fast enough in these traditional offerings to eliminate these contaminations to solve this problem. Instead our unique capability to generate billions of free electrons search out and implode the cellular membrane of targeted cells rendering them dead in the water and then processes them out through a secondary or final filtration.

As we are stewards of the environmental movement all of our consumables are made from just water, graphite and sand. Read our technology section to learn more about this revolutionary process and say yes to fresh, healthy, locally grown and environmentally sustainable seafood!

Key differentiators:

Better water chemistry for improved water quality
Redox and anti-oxidation water treatment over oxidative and chemical treatments
Anti-oxidation water treatments
Deliver life sustaining negative oxygen reduction potential (ORP)
A Reducing agent
Treatment acts as an electron donor and restructures water into micro clusters
Environmentally friendly
Our only consumables are water, graphite and sand with up to a 98% water reuse and no hazardous waste
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